Hogwarts Legacy official launch trailer drops ahead of next week’s release

Posted by:Robert Collins

The Hogwarts Legacy official launch trailer has been released ahead of the game’s February 10th launch for PC and current-gen consoles. (The Xbox One and PS4 versions won’t arrive until April 4th, with the Nintendo Switch version coming July 25th).

Set in the 19th century at the titular “school of witchcraft and wizardry,” the open-world action roleplaying game is one of the biggest, most anticipated releases of early 2023. The game is developed by Avalanche Software (most recently known for Cars 3: Driven to Win and Disney Infinity 3.0) and published under Warner Bros. Games Portkey Games label.

The new launch trailer shows off some cut-scene clips as well as some of the game’s creatures and environments, all of which are nothing short of stunning. No doubt the excitement for this game is getting palpable for Harry Potter fans and gamers in general alike. Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for pre-order.

Via Pure Xbox.

Featured image via Xbox.com.