Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge! Update! releases with new game modes and more

Posted by:Robert Collins

The latest update for Bethesda’s surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush has arrived, and it’s a big one. Better yet, Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge! Update! is free, and it’s now live on Xbox Series X|S and Windows (including for both Xbox and PC Game Pass).

The update brings two all-new game modes to the rhythm-action game from Tango Gameworks. And to mark the occasion, there are some tips available straight from the game’s director over on Xbox Wire.

The first of these new modes—BPM Rush!—will bring a whole new level of challenge even for seasoned players:

“BPM Rush! pits Chai against waves of enemies that don’t just increase their forces between rounds. The beats per minute, or BPM, for the music that amplifies your moves (and your opponents’!) also ramps up, with later stages reaching up to a blistering 200 BPM.

Power Up! Tower Up! puts a new spin on the base game’s Rhythm Tower mode. In it “players battle their way up the Tower, tackling rooms of enemies and racking up a high score, but now with a de-powered Chai! Don’t fret, though, as you will earn a selection of Upgrades between rounds to bulk Chai up!”


And that’s not all that’s new in Arcade Challenge! Update! There are also 20 new challenges for each mode, for a total of 40, with rewards. These vary from 808 costumes and accessories for Chai to photo mode rewards like new filters, poses and sticker packs. There are even new special attacks to be acquired. And there might even be a little something special which players will have to discover for themselves according to game director John Johanas:

“We have something special for those who like to call themselves… completionists. We like to go overboard with putting little secrets in our updates but for this one, while it might not be so little, it really is a huge thank you to everyone who’s played Hi-Fi Rush so far.”

Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Price: Free

Featured image via Bethesda.net.