Hands on with the Mozo colorful soft-touch shells for the Lumia 550

Posted by:Zac Bowden

If you were one of many who wanted to buy a Lumia 550 only to find there are no colorful options available, you might want to consider one of these colorful soft-touch shells from Mozo, as their soul purpose is to bring back those vibrant colors Microsoft used to offer on its previous Lumia handsets. The Mozo soft-touch shells for the Lumia 550 are bold, and actually really nice to use.

Special thanks to Mobile Fun for providing us with these shells for review. You can purchase these yourself directly from their website if you’re interested! We’ve thrown together a quick hands on video showcasing the Green and Orange shells in action. We have a blue shell on the way as well, which we will feature in our written review very soon. In the meantime, here are my first impressions:

The shells are very nice to hold. They fit snugly around the 550 itself, as they are designed to replace the original shell. They’re soft-touch, meaning they aren’t glossy and super easy to grip, these guys definitely won’t be slipping out of your hands. The shells buttons are awesome, not mushy or soft like you might expect from 3rd party shell. When you press these buttons, you know you’re pressing them.

As mentioned above, we’ll have a written review for these shells up very soon. In the meantime, are you a Lumia 550 owner looking for a colorful shell? Let us known below!