Hands-on: Windows 10 Mobile build 14977 (video)

Posted by:Cody Carson

Hey there everybody, it’s me Cody On Microsoft where today I’ll be showing you Windows 10 build 14977 for mobile. It’s been a while now since a build has been released specifically for mobile, as the last few builds have been focused on PC.

This update is somewhat smaller than anticipated, though, and only includes a handful of notable on the surface changes. You may notice that this build installs somewhat faster than previous mobile builds have (depending on what build you’re updating from) thanks to some changes to the update backend service. Also, devices with only 8GB of internal storage may run into an error when trying to install this build, so don’t worry if you encounter this.

Support for EPUB files in Microsoft Edge has been granted to Windows Mobile users just like it was in the previous build on PC. The reading experience is practically the same, but it isn’t something you can really rely on as of right now. The reading experience is anything but smooth and will lock up when trying to adjust the theme settings, contrary to the smooth experience seen on PC.

Something that I have heard a lot of people vocalizing about is the UWP rendering technology, which is being experimented with starting with this build on mobile. You may notice some visual glitches in the UI of UWP apps because of this, so do provide feedback on your experience.

Feedback from both Windows insiders and app developers made it clear to Microsoft that third party alarm apps couldn’t break through quiet hours, which now has been resolved.

Before installing, please note that builds released through the Windows Insider program should not be viewed as an expedited update route. These builds are buggy, and you should probably think twice before installing them on your main device.