Hands-on: Windows 10 Creators Update build 14971 (video)

Posted by:Cody Carson

Hey there everybody, it’s me Cody, On Microsoft, where today I’ll be showing you Windows 10 build 14971 for PC. This is the latest fast ring build as part of the creators update that is expected to come out some time spring of next year. Please note that these builds are buggy, and you should think twice about installing them on your main device. Once you’ve installed insider builds, you may have to reset your device to go back to a release build.

Microsoft Edge has received several optimizations to improve the browsing experience for users in this build. Alongside these tweaks, Edge now supports opening files in the ‘.EPUB’ file format, much like PDF’s. Opening EPUB files in Edge will take you to an experience windows users will find familiar, with the same controls and options you find in edge’s existing reading mode. There’s also a lovely new icon for EPUB files in file explorer.

Microsoft Paint is being phased out starting with this build. You fill find that any links to Microsoft Paint will now open “Paint 3D preview” which is now being bundled with Windows 10. Searching paint in start and opening files with the program will open Paint 3D. Make sure to send feedback on your experience using this app.

Speaking of included apps, “Get Office” has been updated to “Get Office (Beta)”. This update makes the app a sort of an Office Hub for those who have signed in using an activated Office 365 account. It’s a great concept; one place to manage your account, launch office applications, or even open recent documents. Hopefully we’ll see this idea evolve as we get closer to the release of the creators update this spring.

More advanced users should note that Microsoft is starting to replace shortcuts to the Command Prompt with shortcuts to Windows PowerShell. The start button context menu and file explorer shortcuts to the Command prompt will now take you to a PowerShell window instead. Don’t worry though, if this makes you uncomfortable, it’s just a default, and can be changed in the settings.

So early in development, it’s not so clear yet what the blueprint for the creators’ update is exactly. Again, be cautious about installing these builds on your primary device, as many of the apps built into Windows are being replaced with newer alternatives. We’ll see the reliability of these apps improve as time goes on.