Hands-on impressions of the Surface Book (video)

Posted by:Ron

I have to admit — the Surface Book is actually quite amazing. Yes, you probably heard me say those words more than once in the video. I stand by it. I wasn’t paid by Microsoft to brag about the Surface Book, rather, I genuinely love the device.

I’ve been using the device as my daily driver since late October and so far I love it. I’ve used it on my desk to write this post, i’ve used it on the couch while trying to become better at drawing on the Fresh Paint app, and i’ve already used it a few times in the kitchen while cooking. I’ve detached the display from the keyboard and used the Surface Book as a tablet in a number of occasions.

So is the Surface Book the ultimate laptop as Microsoft likes to say? In my opinion no. Not in the traditional sense. This is more than just a laptop. It’s the ultimate Surface device — allowing you to use it in various ways to meet your productivity needs. I’ll have a full in-depth review of the device soon, but for now, enjoy the hands-on video and let me know in the comments below if you want me to explore a particular area of the Surface Book.