Grounded update 1.2 arrives today with new creatures, new features and more

Posted by:Robert Collins

Grounded update 1.2 releases today and brings with it a panoply of new things in the form of enemies, items and more. So what exactly is included in this “Super Duper Update”? Read on to find out.

New Base Coziness System & item duplication with the Super Duper Machine

Grounded Screenshot

That’s right, with the Super Duper machine players can now use Raw Science to duplicate select items and equipment. The Super Duper Machine can be found in the Oak Tree Lab when visiting BURG.L. To use it, players will need to collect Duper Discs scattered throughout the game world. Different discs allow different items to be duplicated. It’s one more reason to explore The Yard’s every nook and cranny.

The new Base Coziness System allows players to up their base coziness level by sprucing up the place with new buildings, furniture and decoration. To help players in doing this, there are now close to 100 new crafting items in the game.

Grounded comes to Steam Deck with free Steam weekend April 27 – May 1

Grounded Steam Deck Image

Grounded is now Steam Deck verified, and to celebrate Grounded will now get a free play week starting April 27 and ending on May 1. All of this is great news for Steam Deck owners.

Discover more in Grounded update 1.2

There’s more in store for players with the new update, including the new Wasp enemies and new Acorn Turrets. In addition to a slew of bug fixes (no pun intended) and quality of life changes.

Grounded is an action-adventure survival game from Obsidian Entertainment. It is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. Grounded is included in Xbox Game Pass.

Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free