Free Minecraft Camp Enderwood DLC now available

Posted by:Robert Collins

The free Minecraft DLC adventure Camp Enderwood is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace. This exciting new Minecraft environment promises plenty of fun activities including campfires, spooky woods and mysterious new creatures.

Welcome to Camp Enderwood, the island summer camp of your dreams…and your nightmares! Participate in parkour, archery, hide n’ hunt and more to earn marshmallows and roast the elusive s’more. Beware the spooky woods and creatures in the dark as you explore and venture beyond the camp.

Players need only open the Minecraft Marketplace on their gaming device and download Camp Enderwood, free of charge.

Mattel Creator Series sets

Also now available for Minecraft fans are six new sets in the Mattel Creator Series. Included among them: three individual camper sets, a pair of cryptid expansion packs, and lastly a Mount Enderwood Yeti Scare story pack. This latter includes two action figures (which are customizable and compatible with all Creator Series accessories) and a campfire with marshmallows on sticks!

These Mattel Creator Series sets can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon and other retailers.

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