Former PlayStation exclusive indie game Stray is coming to Xbox on August 10

Posted by:Robert Collins

BlueTwelve Studio’s 2022 hit Stray will be headed to Xbox One and Series X|S consoles on August 10 after a year of PlayStation exclusivity. The announcement was made during Annapurna Interactive’s recent showcase (check out the 37:35 mark in the video above).

The news isn’t entirely surprising however, as we reported a few months back that the game had received an ESRB rating for Xbox consoles.

Stray was one of the biggest surprise hit video games of last year. In the game players take control of a stray cat lost in a gritty cyberpunk city, along with its drone companion. With a gorgeous aesthetic and loads of charm, Stray was a breath of fresh air for the industry and a shining example of how indie developers keep things creative.

It’s good to see Stray coming to other platforms; apparently a Mac version is also in the works though no release date for that has been announced. In the meantime, we can watch these viral videos @CatsWatchStray.

Featured image via New Scientist.