Fallout 76 Once in a Blood Moon update stealthily adds 60FPS upgrade

Posted by:Robert Collins

The newest big update for Fallout 76 was recently shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase. Titled “Once in a Blood Moon,” the update kicks off season 13 and brings with it numerous technical improvements and added features, such as an in-game scoreboard.

Most of the changes are bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, as seen in the patch notes over on Bethesda.net. There are also some new content drops including new quests and new rewards.

But what many weren’t expecting was an apparently vast upgrade to the game’s performance, which has led many to speculate that Fallout 76 is now running at 60FPS.

by u/WeAreTheMassacre from discussion The PS5 version is running at 60 fps now!?
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The 60FPS upgrade seems to have been confirmed for PlayStation 5, while the Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost mode has also been enhanced. Oddly, none of this seems to be mentioned in the patch notes. Nonetheless, Fallout fans on all consoles have been pleasantly surprised by the upgrade.

Video game frame rates have been very much in the news lately, since it was announced that Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi action-RPG Starfield would be capped at 30FPS to preserve the game’s consistency in regards to performance. With this Fallout 76 news some are already beginning to question why Starfield shouldn’t also be able to handle an increased framerate on console. Maybe someday it will.

Featured image via Bethesda.net.