Fall Guys season 4 kicks off today with new creation mode

Posted by:Robert Collins

Fall Guys season 4 kicks off on May 10, and brings with it a bunch of new features. Chief among these are the new level editor, known in the game as Creative Mode.

This new feature will allow players to build their own custom stages, or rounds, and share them with other players. Creating is as simple as choosing a theme and then putting down obstacles. (Reports so far are that the level editor doesn’t allow for as many options as some might hope for, but it’s a safe bet that it will becomes more robust with time).

Developer Mediatonic will also deliver over 50 new rounds made with the same level editor, including 20 at launch. Also new to Fall Guys season 4 is the Fame Pass. These Fame Passes replace the traditional season-spanning Battle Pass. The team says these shorter, multiple Fame Passes “cost less but reward you with more value for your playtime!”

Of course, there will also be new goodies available with the new season including new costumes and items. Check out the official Fall Guys website to learn more. 

Fall Guys
Fall Guys
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