This video montage looks back at Microsoft’s biggest 2015 achievements

Posted by:Zac Bowden

The end (of the year) is nigh! 2015 has been a super busy one for Microsoft, we saw the Redmond giant finally launch Windows 10, alongside new Surface hardware and Lumia hardware. There were also a few surprises, such as HoloLens and Surface Book. Since 2015 is pretty much at a close, we thought it’d be a good time to reflect on Microsoft’s biggest announcements these past 12 months in a quick video we threw together over the holidays.

From Windows 10 being free down to Panos Panay passionately unveiling new hardware, we’ve had one hell of a year as Microsoft fans. Starting back in January, with the announcement of Cortana coming to desktops, HoloLens, and then Continuum for Phones in April. We then switch over to hardware in October, with the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, alongside new Lumia devices and the Microsoft Band 2.

We’re super interested in your thoughts and opinions regarding Microsoft this past year, let us know what your best/worst are moments below!

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