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Hi, readers! It’s the OnPodcast crew here with the usual reminder to tune in and watch our show! This week we’ll be on episode 128, and we’re talking about all things opening week of Starfield. Gameplay, specs, reviews, and future DLCs.

Please watch or listen to the normal channels to get this week’s Microsoft news and events from OnPodcast.

Big news of the week

Starfield is finally out for general consumption and one of writer has already died trying to steal spaceships.

Big things planned for OneDrive at new Oct 3 event

Episode 128 Headlines

Microsoft talks about New Outlook’s ‘single code base’ version in new video

Microsoft Outlook now allows sending larger files through email via Microsoft 356 Roadmap

Minecraft not getting a native Xbox Series X|S version after all, Microsoft confirms

Cameyo and LG are working together to deliver apps to ChromeOS Flex devices

Mylio Photos offers a new way to declutter your digital memories