OnPodcast Special: Chatting with Computer Clan

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Welcome back to another OnPodcast episode! This week, we didn’t do our usual Microsoft news recaps. Instead, we chatted with YouTuber, Computer Clan!

Computer Clan has well over 360,000 subscribers on YouTube. The channel is home to videos about rare & retro tech, new tech, and scam tech, and videos go up every Thursday!

In our 30-minute sit-down with Computer Clan’s “Crazy Ken,” we chatted about a lot of things. The chat covered how he came up with his YouTube channel & his early beginnings, his favorite tech, how he finds “scam tech,” and his take on what’s going on right now with Microsoft & the tech industry in general. Ken even teased a couple of his incoming videos, too!

Thanks for watching and listening to us! And don’t miss our podcast next week, as we have another amazing guest on the show! We’ll be chatting with @hololens2 from TikTok! He recently went viral for showing how he used his headset during a lecture in his college! So, he’ll tell us more about how he uses HoloLens as a consumer, the cool things he does with it, and why he loves his headset so much.