OnPodcast Episode 72: Windows 11 gets another new search bar, hits a huge milestone moment & more

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Hey there everyone! And welcome back to another OnPodcast episode. We’ve hit episode 72 this week, and it was another busy episode of recapping Microsoft news. We even had our expectations for Build 2022, as well. As always, we invite you to sit back and enjoy our show.

This episode started with us talking about the new search box on the Windows 11 desktop in the Dev Channel. We then shifted over to talk about Windows 11 hitting broad deployment status. Finally, the main segment ended with us talking about Teams hitting the Microsoft Store.

In our Fast Recap, we talked about the Microsoft Pluton chip, the new One Outlook app, a potentially new Windows 11 appMicrosoft Viva, and Microsoft’s restrictions for European cloud providers. Then, to end, in Week Ahead, we gave our Build 2022 expectations, covering what we think we’ll see out of Windows, Office, and Teams this year.

Thanks as always for joining us! And see you again next week, same place, same time!