OnPodcast Episode 66: Unsupported Windows 11 PC watermark, Insider channels merge, Lapsus$ hack

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Welcome back to a new OnPodcast episode. We’re at episode 66 this week, and, despite it being a relatively slow week, we touched on a lot of different topics. So, grab your coffee and crackers, and enjoy as we run through the news and offer our commentary!

At the top of the show, we talked about a new watermark Windows Insiders with unsupported Windows 11 PCs are seeing. Then, we shifted over to talk about a change in the Windows Insider Program. After that, to end our main news segments, we talked about the Lapsus$ hack and Microsoft’s response.

In our specialty, fast recap, we sped through some of the week’s other Microsoft news in 10 minutes. The list included Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard requiring more information to be given to the FTC, Microsoft Bing being asked to suspend the auto-suggest feature in China, a Microsoft Bing InPrivate extension for Google Chrome, and some Flight Simulator news.

To end, in Week Ahead, we talked about the Halo TV Show, updates on the ongoing war in Ukraine, MLB the Show 22 coming to Xbox, and the Accusations of bribery in Microsoft’s business investments.

Thanks as always for joining us! And see you again next week, same place, same time!