OnPodcast Episode 50: Microsoft Accounts go Passwordless, Firefox & Windows 11, Office 2021

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Greetings OnPodcast viewers and listeners. Welcome back to another episode. We hit the big five-o this week and are at episode 50. This week’s show again covers all the latest Microsoft news. We looked at Microsoft Accounts going passwordless, some drama over Firefox in Windows 11, and a lot more.

This week we also had a new “what do you think” segment, where we looked at some poll results relating to the topics we discussed. Of course, in our specialty, we looked at some smaller topics in Fast Recap, and some topics for next week in Week Ahead. That includes things like a OneDrive PWA, the incoming Surface event, and more.

Topic 1: Microsoft is making passwords optional for MSA accounts to improve security

Out first topic looked at Microsoft Accounts going Passwordless. We talked about how Microsoft is taking steps to a passwordless future by letting users drop the password from their Microsoft Accounts. We went over how you could try it out and the many benefits of doing this and using Microsoft Authenticator.

Topic 2: Mozilla Firefox can now become your default browser in just one click on Windows PCs

If you missed the drama this week, Mozilla is making it easy for Windows 11 users to change their default web browser to Firefox. This circumvents Microsoft’s changes where you need to switch the individual app defaults one by one. We talked about the Microsoft response, and a lot more.

Topic 3: Office 2021 coming in October for consumers LTSC now for enterprise 

Office Word Excel Powerpoint

In our final topic, we end up looking at the next version of Office 2021. We talked about what’s new, how this is different from Microsoft 365, and a lot more.

“What do you think” segment

In this segment, we noted your thoughts on some of the topics we discussed on the show. We looked at our poll results from our Twitter, and noted out some of your comments, too.

Fast Recap & Week Ahead:

The show ended with Fast Recap & Week Ahead. In Fast Recap, we looked at OneDrive now as a PWA, the repairability of Surface deviceschanges to the Windows 10 Xbox app, and more. In Week Ahead, we talked about what to expect from the Surface event, teased some upcoming reviews, and so much more.