OnPodcast Episode 45: Windows 11 first big app updates, Surface Laptop Pro rumors, PrintNightmare

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Greetings OnPodcast viewers and listeners. Welcome back to another episode of OnPodcast. In episode 44 this week, we’re chatting about the week’s Windows 11 news and some new Surface hardware rumors.

We ended up talking about some big Windows 11 app updates, a potential Surface Laptop Pro model, and we also went back and looked at PrintNightmare. Our show then ended with our usual Fast Recap of other Microsoft-themed topics, and a look at an incoming review.

Topic 1: Windows 11 inbox app updates

The show started with a look at four big Windows 11 app updates. Arif and Kareem toured you through some of the recent changes in the Calendar, Mail, Calculator, and Snipping Tool apps in Windows 11. They offered their thoughts on how this helps evolve Windows 11, and looked at some of the changes in the recent Windows 11 build.

Topic 2: Surface Laptop Pro or Surface Laptop Studio Rumors 

The second topic on the podcast looked at some new Surface hardware rumors. While everyone is expecting a Surface Book 4, rumor has it that Microsoft might release a Surface Laptop Pro or Surface Laptop Studio instead. We went over the latest rumors, looked at a mockup of what the end product might look like, and more.

Topic 3: PrintNIghtmare

The final main topic on the show looked at PrintNightmare. Microsoft issued yet another patch for this security flaw in Windows, but it still isn’t good enough. We looked at the latest issues being discovered by security researchers.

Fast Recap & Week Ahead

As always, our show ended with Fast Recap & Week Ahead. In Fast Recap & Week Ahead, we looked at some of the other topics in the Microsoft world this week. We looked at topics like revamped Fluent Design, the Start11 beta, and some possible changes to the recommended section of the Windows 11 Start Menu. The show then ended with a tease of some of our upcoming reviews, like the ZTE Axon 30.

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