OnPodcast Episode 4: Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs Surface Duo, Xbox One X series pre-orders, Ignite recap, and more

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to OnPodcast: The OnMSFT.com Postcast. This is our podcast series featuring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus.

In this week’s show, we have a very special guest, our own Editor in Chief, Kip Kniskern. He joins towards to end of the OnPodcast to talk about his New Galaxy Z Fold 2. But, to begin, Arif and Kareem will also recap Ignite 2020, talks about Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media as well as the Xbox One S Series pre-orders. The Week Ahead segment, meanwhile, will also look at some news like a possible Surface event. as well as more Xbox news.

Segment 1: Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media (2:25- 7:43)

Xbox + Bethesda

In this first segment, we get into Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media. Arif and Kareem banter about what it could mean for the Xbox Series X, at a time when people said the next-gen console doesn’t have any exclusives. We also talk about the value of the deal and what it could mean for Bethesda and Sony with the PS5.

Segment 2: Xbox Game Pass hits 15 million subs and Xbox One S and X Series Pre-orders (7:43-13:39)

Xbox Series X 2

Related, in the next segment Arif also gets into Xbox Game Pass hitting 15 million subscriptions. Kareem gives his two cents about what it means for Stadia, Amazon Luna, and even the value if it in a next-gen console like the Xbox Series X. There’s even talk about Xbox S Series and Xbox X series consoles pre-orders selling out, too.

Segment 3: Microsoft Ignite Recap (13:39-23:16)

Microsoft Ignite 2020

In this segment, Arif and Kareem go back through the big news from Ignite. They talk about Microsoft Search getting improvements, as well as some of the new things coming to Microsoft Teams. Arif also gets into the Surface Hub 2S 85-inch model, and what it means for businesses. There’s also talk about Office 2021, too.

Segment 4:  Galaxy Z Fold 2 (23:16- 38:45)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

In this special segment, OnMSFT.com Editor in Chief Kip Kniskern joins the OnPodcast to talk about his Galaxy Z Fold 2. It begins with a brief overview of the device, and how it compares to the Duo. Arif and Kareem ask Kip about his Z Fold, and Kip dives deeper into talking about the experience with the speakers on the device, the looks and feels, bezels, multitasking, camera, and a lot more!

Week Ahead: (38:45- end)

To end the OnPodcast is the week ahead segment. Arif and Kareem talk about the possible upcoming Surface event, as well as some other things on the list ahead for Microsoft.