OnPodcast Episode 36: What next for Windows event on June 24, chat with YouTuber Michael MJD & more

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Hello, OnMSFT readers, and welcome back to another new episode of OnPodcast. In episode 36 this week, we covered a lot of bases. We touched on the “What’s next for Windows” event, new Samsung Windows 10 on ARM laptops, and more. We also had a special guest on the show, the tech YouTuber Michael MJD.

Of course, there’s also our specialty, Fast Recap and the Week Ahead. In our Fast Recap, we recapped the week’s Team news, some news about Intel 11th gen chips, and glanced over a Microsoft acquisition. Meanwhile, in Week Ahead, we looked ahead to some upcoming reviews at OnMSFT, and perhaps some “Windows 11” news.

Topic 1: What’s next for Windows

Windows 10 June 24 event Sun Valley

The show kicked off with a look at the news surrounding the “What’s next for Windows” event. We talked about the event itself, and what you could expect from it. We also had our own discussion about Windows 10 and looked at some of the topics in our editor-in-chief’s op-ed about this event, offering our own counterarguments.

Topic 2: Chat with tech YouTuber Michael MJD

Next on the show was a chat with the tech YouTuber Michael MJD. We had a lively discussion with Michael about all things Microsoft, and some of his favorite tech. He also talked about how he makes videos, and a lot more. We even got him to open up about Zune and Windows Phone!

Topic 3: new Samsung Windows 10 on ARM laptops

Our third big topic on the show involved a look at Windows 10 on ARM. Since Samsung announced a new Windows 10 on ARM device, we got you up to speed on the new laptop. We looked at its specs, the state of the platform, and a lot more.

Fast Recap: Teams & more

Microsoft Teams Webinars

We can’t fit all the week’s Microsoft news into our podcast, so we went through some of the other smaller topics in our fast recap segment. Here we looked at the week’s Teams news, a new Microsoft acquisition, and new Intel 11th generation chipsets catered for gaming laptops.

Week Ahead: More reviews & Windows 11?

As always, our show ended with our traditional Week Ahead segment. For this segment, we looked ahead to Kareem’s reviews of ThinkPad laptops, and Arif’s review of a Dell mouse. We also talked about some so-called Windows 11 leaks, too.