We’re back: Remember to tune in to OnPodcast: We are recapping Build 2021 & more!

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We’re back! After a one-week break due to unforeseen circumstances on Arif’s front, OnPodcast is returning again this week for another new episode! We’ll be picking up where we were meant to last week, at episode 35!

Since this week was Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference, we’re jumping in to recap the most important topics for you in our 35th episode — with some of our own analysis along the way. We’ll also be talking about Satya Nadella teasing the “next generation of Windows,” too. Not to forget, the rollout of Microsoft Edge version 91.

You won’t want to miss our Fast Recap segment either. We’ll be talking about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 13. We’re also chatting about an interesting job listing that mentions “revolutionizing the Windows 10 experience.

As always, our show will end with The Week Ahead. For that this week, we’re looking ahead to our review of the XPS 13 OLED model. We’re also teasing an upcoming interview with the YouTuber Michael MJD, and looking at some rumors about a possible “What’s next for Windows” event.

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