OnPodcast Episode 34: The return of the Windows Insider Bug Bash, Build 2021 session list, 20 yrs of Xbox

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Welcome, OnMSFT readers to episode 34 of OnPodcast. In our latest episode this week, we looked at the latest Windows Insider Bug Bash. We also talked about Build 2021, Xbox, lawsuits, and so much more.

Our show started with the big news of the week, which was the return of the Window Insider Bug Bash. Things then shifted over and we talked about some sessions for Build 2021. Then, we took a big turn and went on to talk about 20 years of Xbox. Kareem then ended our main segment with a look at some of the Epic Games v. Apple stuff as it relates to Microsoft.

As is the special here on OnPodcast, we also had both the Fast Recap Segment as well as the Week Ahead Segment. In Fast recap, we sped through some Microsoft topics for the week. In Week Ahead, we looked ahead to 31 years of Solitaire, more JEDI news, as well as some updates to Teams.

Topic 1: Return of Windows Insider Bug Bash 

Windows Insider Bug Bash 2021

Our show kicked off with something that hasn’t happened in quite a while — a Windows Insider Bug Bash. Arif and Kareem toured through some of the quests in this Bug Bash, and what you could do to get an awesome new badge on your Insider profile. The two even speculated on if this means bigger things ahead for the program.

Topic 2: The first sessions details for Microsoft’s Build 2021 conference 

Microsoft Build 2021

Since Build 2021 is now just a few weeks away, our second topic on the show looked at some of the interesting sessions for the conference. Arif and Kareem looked at some of the emerging topics that could be coming out of Build, in relation to Microsoft Teams, Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft Edge, and Windows. They also talked about how you yourself can get registered.

Topic 3: Microsoft invites fans to celebrate 20 years of Xbox through November 15 

20 Years Of Xbox

The third topic on our show was one that hits home for Xbox fans. In November, it will be 20 years since Microsoft revealed the first Xbox console. We looked through the festivities that Microsoft has planned for the moment, and how you can get involved. We also talked about our own favorite Xbox moments, too.

Topic 4: Some of the Epic Games v. Apple stuff as it relates to Microsoft 

Epic Games V. Apple

Our last big topic on the show looked at Epic Games vs Apple. While Apple has been the focus of this court case, there was some interesting Xbox stuff that came out of the story, too. Kareem recapped that, looking at Microsoft’s GamePass, and what can be considered a gaming console.

Fast Recap

Microsoft Teams Webinars

In our Fast Recap segment this week, we looked at some topics which were too small for dedicated segments. That included new Teams meetings experiences, more ways to earn Microsoft Rewards points, a Console Purchase Pilot program for Xbox Insiders, and more.

Week Ahead

The show ended with a look at some topics we think will be emerging for The Week Ahead. That includes Microsoft Solitaire celebrating 31 years this month. We also looked at Microsoft once again perhaps losing its $10 billion JEDU contract. Things then ended with a look at Microsoft Teams and how it will let you create group chats with external users this month.