Tune in to OnPodcast this Sunday! We’re going hands-on with Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC & iOS, & more!

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Hello and greetings to you, OnMSFT.com readers. It is the OnPodcast crew here with yet another friendly reminder to tune in at 9 AM PT Sunday on YouTube Premiere to see our latest episode. We’ll be at episode 31 this week, and we will have lots of good content on tap, especially if you’re an Xbox fan.

For this episode, our own Arif Bacchus will be talking about his hands-on time with Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC & iOS, ahead of a full-on video review and impressions on Monday. Of course, Kareem will also join in, too, offering his own insights along the way.

Other than that, we’ll be chatting about a rumored revamp for the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, which might include Win32 app support. We’ll then turn our attention to the latest feature in Windows 10, News and Interests, which is now rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.

Of course, for the end of our show, we have the traditional Week Ahead segment. For that, this week, we’re teasing some content we have planned at OnMSFT next week. That includes a full-on hands-on review of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 and iOS, our Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 review, and a  review of MLB The Show 21. We’ll also briefly touch on Linux GUI apps in Windows 10.

Again, don’t miss our latest podcast episode! OnPodcast can be seen on YouTube every Sunday at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET. Add our playlist to your bookmarks so you can catch up on all our episodes, and see the latest episode when it’s live.

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