OnPodcast Episode 25: Surface spring event rumors, Chrome OS vs Windows 10, Build 2021 rumor & more

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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to OnPodcast: The OnMSFT.com Podcast. This is our weekly podcast series featuring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus.

For our 25th episode this week, we had a lot to talk about. We started the show with a look at some rumors about a possible spring Surface event in April. We then looked at the news of Bethesda joining Microsoft and took a turn back to Windows to look at more rumors about Build 2021.

The OnPodcast crew then switched gears to talk about ChromeOS. Arif and Kareem looked at Google’s operating system, compared it to Windows 10, and offered their thoughts on how far Google has come with the OS. There was a lively discussion about what makes Chrome OS great, and what makes Windows great, and how the two compare and contrast.

In the Week Ahead, meanwhile, Arif and Kareem teased an upcoming giveaway. They also looked at some things planned for the editorial side at OnMSFT this week, including the review of an Aukey USB-C hub, Yubico’s YubiKeys, a review of a Nexvoo display, and a special interview we have planned with a web designer!

Topic 1: Surface Spring event rumors

To begin the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem looked at rumors of a possible Microsoft Surface event in April. Fueled by a post from Microsoft watcher Brad Sams, it’s believed we could see a new webcam, as well as Surface Laptop 4 at a Surface event this April. Arif and Kareem talked about what this new webcam could be, and what to expect from Surface Laptop 4.

Topic 2: Bethesda Joins Microsoft 

The second topic Arif and Kareem discussed was Bethesda officially joining Microsoft. Microsoft’s acquisition of the parent company of Bethesda Softworks finally became official last week, and Arif and Kareem looked at what the news could mean for gamers. The two looked at both the business side of things, as well as what it means for future games on Xbox.

Topic 3: Build 2021 rumors

Third up in the OnPodcast was a look at Build 2021. Just like with the Surface event, there are rumors going around about a possible date for Microsoft’s Build developer conference. Arif and Kareem looked at the rumors and offered their thoughts on if it is too good to be true.

Topic 4: Chrome OS debate

The OnPodcast ended with a look at Chrome OS. If you didn’t know, Google’s laptop and desktop OS turned 10 last week, so Arif and Kareem had a great debate to mark the moment. They compared 10 years of Chrome OS to 5 years of Windows. They also chatted about some lessons Microsoft could learn from Google, and vice versa.

Week Ahead:

To end the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem teased a special giveaway for next week. They also talked about some topics planned for the next week, such as a special interview with Yubico, a planned review of another Aukey product, and more!