OnPodcast Episode 20: Tool to install Windows 10X, Microsoft could hold Windows event, Viva & more

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 20th episode of OnPodcast: The OnMSFT.com Podcast. This is our weekly podcast series featuring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus.

This week, there was a lot to talk about. To begin, we looked at an unofficial tool that can be used to install Windows 10X. We also talked about rumors about Microsoft holding news events for Windows and Xbox. Then, to end, we looked at Microsoft Viva, Microsoft’s newest platform.

Of course, there’s the Week Ahead Segment, too. In this segment, we looked ahead at Black History Month and some of the things Microsoft is doing to celebrate. We also talked about Windows Insider builds, and teased an upcoming giveaway from our partners at Aukey.

Topic 1: Unofficial tool to Install Windows 10X

Windows 10x Hands On Image

To begin the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem talked about an unofficial tool that many are using to install Windows 10X on unsupported hardware and tablets. Though Windows 10X is still rumored to be only for lightweight PCs and education and enterprise customers, Twitter user Albacore created a tool that can help you install the OS on any existing Windows PC. Arif and Kareem chat about the tool, how easy it is to use, and what it means for the Windows Community.

Topic 2: Microsoft could be planning special events for Windows, Xbox, and the cloud

Microsoft Logos

In the second segment of the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem discussed a new leading rumor of Microsoft planning other digital events focused on Windows, Gaming, and the cloud throughout the rest of 2021. The two recap what these events could be about, and why Microsoft might be refocusing the way it does its events, and what it means for the future of the company, and its products.

Topic 3: Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva

The final segment of the OnPodcast looked at Microsoft Viva, the latest platform from Microsoft. If you missed it, Viva is a new employee experience platform that uses Teams and other Microsoft 365 services to help employees learn and grow. Arif and Kareem recap Viva, and toured you through some of the features of the new platform, how they plug in with Microsoft’s other products.

Week Ahead:

To end the OnPodcast, Arif and Kareem looked at what Microsoft is planning for Black History Month. They also looked at some Windows Insider news and teased an upcoming giveaway from our partners at Aukey.