OnPodcast Episode 59: Windows 11’s new volume sliders, showcasing our Surface Laptop SE & more

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Greetings, OnPodcast viewers and welcome back to another episode. We hit episode 59, and it was a big show. We talked about our Surface Laptop SE, recapped the week’s Microsoft news, and more.

As a recap, the show started with a look at the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel build. We talked about the new volume sliders, and the new Your Phone calling experience. Things then shifted to look at the newly refreshed Surface devices, followed by a recap of some Xbox news and sales numbers. Our last main segment featured our Surface Laptop SE, where we went over and looked at the device and answered your question.

As always this episode ended with Fast Recap and Week Ahead. In Fast Recap we looked at things like new Microsoft 365 features, Microsoft hiring a key Apple employee, and more. Week Ahead, meanwhile, looked at some internal Microsoft news about harassment and discrimination policies.

Thanks as always for joining us. And see you in the next episode!