OnPodcast Episode 38: Hands-on with leaked Windows 11, Microsoft Modern Webcam & speaker unboxing

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Greetings OnPodcast viewers and listeners, and welcome back to another new episode of the weekly OnMSFT.com podcast. It was a busy week this week in the Microsoft world, so we had a lot to cover on our show. We went hands-on with a leaked Windows 11 build, unboxed some Microsoft accessories, recapped last week’s Xbox event, and a lot more.

As usual, we also had our special Fast Recap and Week Ahead Segments, too. In Fast Recap, we looked at some news about Teams and Microsoft 365 that came out of Microsoft’s “What’s next for hybrid work” event. We also looked at a new role for Satya Nadella at Microsoft, talked about next-gen games on Cloud Gaming for Xbox One, and a fix for blurry text on News and Interests.

The show then ended with the traditional Week Ahead segment.  For The Week Ahead, we looked to Microsoft’s June 24 event, a special Windows developer event, and our upcoming review of Dell’s Surface Pro X competitor, the Latitude 7320 detachable.

Topic 1: Hands-on with Windows 11

Image of the Microsoft Store running on Windows 11

Our show started with a look at the leaked Windows 11 build. We toured you through some of the new changes, including the new Start Menu, Taskbar, window animations, as well as the new design and rounded corners. We also ended up chatting with Windows Insider MVP Florian B about his own thoughts on Windows 11, and if things can change between now and when Windows 11 releases.

Topic 2: Microsoft Modern Webcam & Speaker unboxing

Podcast unboxing of the microsoft modern webcam and usb-c speaker.

Next up in the second segment, we unboxed the Microsoft Modern webcam & speaker. Arif opened up the box and got you up to speed on what makes these Microsoft accessories special. We talked about the overall look and feel of the products, too, and where you can get your own!

Topic 3: Xbox/Bethesda Recap

Xbox Game Studios

In our third segment, we went back and week and looked at Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda event. We went through some of the new games, and what you can expect out of Team Xbox this year and heading into 2021. There were plenty of game trailers, so don’t worry!

Fast Recap

Satya Nadella - BUILD 2021

For Fast Recap, we ended up talking about a couple of different things. We looked at Microsoft’s “What’s next for Hybrid work” event to begin. We then went through the news about Satya Nadella’s new role at Microsoft, looked at some Xbox news, and talked about a fix for the News and Interests feature in Windows 10.

Week Ahead

As always, our show ended with the traditional Week Ahead segment. For The Week Ahead, we ended up talking about Microsoft’s incoming June 24 event, a Windows developer event, and also a review of Dell’s Latitude 7320 Detachable.