Zoom’s Slack competitor gets new branding and features

David Allen

Teams Premium

Zoom is known for its meeting feature, especially during these work-from-home times, but what many may not know is Zoom also has a team chat tool similar to that of Slack and Microsoft Teams, known as Zoom Chat.  Today Zoom is giving the service a new name, Zoom Team Chat, and adding new features in hopes you’ll choose it for your collaboration hub.  Some companies use multiple apps for collaboration and team chat needs, for example, some companies may use Slack for text-based conversations, and then Zoom for real-time collaboration.  Zoom Team Chat combines both into one application.

On top of the new name, Zoom is adding a few new features this month to make life easier.  You’ll be able to share the in-meeting chat right inside Zoom Chat making it easy to see your notes when the meeting is over.  You’ll also be able to schedule meetings straight from the Zoom Team Chat making the transition from text to chat more productive.

Zoom may have added some useful features, but they still face stiff competition between Microsoft, Google, and Slack who are rapidly building out their team collaboration products in the new hybrid work environment.  It may be a tough sell to convince teams to switch from something they are already familiar with.

Via The Verge