Zoom launches competing product to Microsoft Word and Google Docs with Zoom Docs

Devesh Beri

zoom app

Zoom has announced a new product called “Zoom Docs” at Zoomtopia 2023. Zoom Docs is described as a modular, flexible AI-powered workspace designed to address the challenges of hybrid work.

Zoom Docs is an integrated tool that reduces the need for switching between different tools. It is modular, easy to use, and customizable for different teams and individuals. It also integrates with Zoom and third-party apps, making it easier to create, collaborate, manage projects, and stay organized within a single workspace.

During Zoom meetings, teams can collaborate on documents, wikis, and workflows using Zoom Docs. AI-powered features, such as AI Companion, are integrated to assist with document creation, editing, brainstorming, and content generation.

Zoom Docs is capable of integrating information from Zoom Meetings to enhance document content. Users can create customizable layouts and workflows using content blocks and organize data, manage projects, and track tasks using table blocks.

It supports the creation of wikis and linking pages in a visual tree for easy navigation, as well as organizing documents into folders for better knowledge management. Zoom Docs are accessible on multiple platforms, including Zoom Meetings, Team Chat, and various Zoom desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Zoom Docs is expected to be generally available in 2024.

This new product appears to be an effort by Zoom to provide a comprehensive solution for hybrid work collaboration, combining document creation, project management, and AI-powered features within the Zoom ecosystem.