Zonos, the unofficial Sonos app for Windows 10, now available for download

Kit McDonald

Sonos is a ‘smart speaker system’ that can be adjusted by remote control to change the volume and content in different areas. Marketed towards audiophiles, it is said to be used to bring favorite music to every room of the house through pure, true sounds with just the need of one app. Except for those users that prefer the Universal Windows Platform, that is. That is why an app called Zonos slid into the rescue.

Over a month ago, Windows users finally got an answer on whether Sonos was going to create an app for them. Unfortunately, Sonos made a very broad statement that they would not be creating any app for Windows Phone or even a Universal Windows Application that could cater to millions of fans, even though the two companies collaborated to bring Groove Music to Sonos. Maybe it wasn’t so ‘smart’ after all. Instead of folding in, app developers have taken this task onto themselves by creating their own UWP.

Just yesterday, Zonos finally released their Universal Windows app, making soundwaves against Sonos’ lack of official support. “It fills the absence of the official Sonos app in the Windows 10 store with a professional, elegant, good-looking and feature-rich experience,” creator Geert van Horrik told WinBeta.

Zonos in Dark Mode
Zonos in Dark Mode

With the tagline “the best (looking) Windows 10 app for Sonos”, Zonos was on a mission to create the most appealing app that would be worthy of a professional replacement of Sonos’ non-existent app. It allows users to control all of the Sonos devices, including:

  • Control media playback of all players
  • Group players into zones
  • Browse your media library and third-party media services
  • Reorder play queues so you decide the order in which your media is played
  • No need to pair this controller with your Sonos network, it works out of the box
  • Advanced features such as alarm management, sleep timer and more!


While the app is offered for free on the Windows 10 Store, it still has in-app purchases to remove the non-invasive advertisements. Don’t let Sonos stop you now! Enjoy your audio files with relative ease wherever you want to listen, Zonos has your back.

Developer: CatenaLogic
Price: Free