Build 2018: Your Phone app for Windows will allow seamless sharing with Android/iOS smartphones

Abhishek Baxi

At the Build 2018, Microsoft unveiled a new app for Windows 10 that offers a window to your smartphone right from your PC.

The new Your Phone app works with both Android and iOS devices and enables a seamless transition of content like messages, photos, and notifications across a user’s shared devices. With Your Phone, you’ll be able to read and send text messages, move photos from your phone to your PC, and see all your phone notifications on your PC.

The intent is to save you from the distraction of picking up your smartphone to access the information you need or respond to every ting you hear. You can see all the information from your smartphone via Your Phone saving the effort of switching back and forth between the two devices.

One of the focus at Build this year was the Microsoft 365 platform. In case you’re not already familiar, Microsoft 365 brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), as a complete, intelligent and secure solution for an organization. To help increase engagement for developers, Microsoft introduced a set of features and updates across a variety of devices and platforms to better connect customers’ existing PC experiences with their phones.

After abandoning Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has been looking at different ways to bring signature Windows 10 experiences to iOS and Android users for a seamless continuity of Microsoft services.

The Your Phone app will begin to roll out to the Windows Insiders this week. The latest Insider build does have Your Phone listed but it does not do anything just yet.