You will soon be able leave a Microsoft Teams call across all your devices easily

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft Teams has been a crucial tool that has helped a lot of organizations adapt to hybrid work, specifically when it comes to meetings. You might be aware that Microsoft Teams will allow you to join a meeting using multiple devices to enhance flexibility and continuity, in the sense that you might be away from your laptop but still be able to join the meeting using your phone.

While this is quite helpful, the same cannot be replicated when you want to leave the meeting. You will be required to leave the meeting on all the devices you used to join the meeting one by one, which makes the process quite tedious.

But as it now seems, it will get easier for the user to leave the meeting simultaneously across all devices used to join the Microsoft Teams meeting. Microsoft is incorporating a new feature tagged 97397 in the Microsoft 365 roadmap that will allow users to leave a Teams call using a single click as spotted by the folks over at XDA.

The feature should start rolling out to your Teams app on desktop, web, Android, and iOS by the end of this month. However, Microsoft did not mention where they in tend to place the feature, but ideally it should be somewhere easily accessible within the Teams call interface.

In other Microsoft Teams news, we saw Microsoft lowering Teams Rooms pricing with the addition of a Basic tier which is included for free with purchase of a device. Microsoft also started testing the Video Clip feature in preview in Teams.