You will never miss a concert again, thanks to Cortana!

Staff Writer

Cortana Notebook

Thanks to a new feature called ‘concert watch,’ Cortana can now remind you of upcoming concerts of your favorite artists. You can find this feature in Cortana’s Notebook – and don’t be alarmed if you can’t, its rolling out as we speak write you read.

To enable this feature, go into Cortana’s Notebook > Interests > click ‘add’. If you see an option of Music, you have this feature (and click it). After you add Music, you will get a notification when your favorite artist is playing near you and allow you a way to buy a ticket.

This is the type of functionality that Google Now promised — to give you relevant information when you need it. And it was a place, in my opinion, that Google was beating the competition. It is great seeing Microsoft update Cortana so quickly, allowing it to compete with Siri and Google Now across feature lists.

The data for the concerts is provided by SeatGeek, a search engine for sports and concert tickets, which has data of over 233,917 artists, 69,215 venues, and 140,000 events. This collaborative spirit Microsoft has with Cortana is great as it allows integration of popular services you use. On the other hand, Google Now relies heavily on Google’s data, so it seems you will have to wait for Google to start tracking concerts before you will get the same functionality in Android.