You can use the Surface Dial offscreen with any PC

Dave W. Shanahan

Surface Dial

Unfortunately, it looks like new Surface Dial can only work on-screen when used with the Surface Studio, but will not work on the new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 devices. However, there is some functionality with Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and other Surface devices, as long as they are running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. According to a Microsoft spokesperson at the Microsoft Event in NYC, Surface Dial “works off-screen with any PC, laptop or tablet running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.”

Surface Dial, Microsoft Store
Surface Dial

While you won’t be able to do all the cool things you saw the Surface Dial do in the Surface Studio video, if you have a device running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can still pre-order Surface Dial from the Microsoft Store. Let us know in the comments if the Surface Dial looks like a nice new accessory to you.