You can now send money through PayPal to family and friends using Skype mobile app

Arif Bacchus

Skype and PayPal today announced users of the Skype mobile app on iOS and Android can now send PayPal money to each other directly from within the Skype app. This feature eliminates the use of a separate banking or financial app when a Skype user is faced with the task of sending money to a friend or family member to reimburse or gift them for certain causes.

To get started with this feature, you will need to be running the latest version of the Skype mobile app. The person who is receiving the funds can be using any version of Skype.  You can then swipe right on the Skype app, and press on “Send Money,” to complete the transfer process.

“Questions like “Can I reimburse you for those movie tickets?” or “What do I owe you for Mom’s gift?” no longer require switching from Skype to your browser or banking app to start a payment process. Starting today, we’re rolling out the ability to send money with PayPal on Skype.”

The first time that you use this feature, you may be asked to share your location or create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. This is because Send Money is only supported in 22 countries, and Skype will need to know where both you and the recipient reside in order to complete currency exchanges.

Since Skype is a very popular app on both iOS and Android, it will be interesting to see how this partnership extends PayPal’s reach. How often will you be using this feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!