You can now pre-order the Xbox One wireless controller, charge kit, and headset


Xbox One

For those of you eagerly waiting for the release of the new Xbox One entertainment console from Microsoft, you most likely have already pre-ordered your device. Did you know you can also pre-order an additional Xbox One wireless controller, charge kit, and headset too?

The Xbox One wireless controller is available for pre-order at the online Microsoft Store for $59.99. You can also snag the controller with the added Play and Charge kit, which provides you with a battery that recharges while you play or even when your Xbox is in standby. The Play and Charge kit with controller runs for $74.99, and the kit itself runs for $24.99. There is also an Xbox One wired headset for $24.99.

Amazon is indicating that the Xbox One wireless controller will be released on November 27th, a day before Thanksgiving. While Microsoft has yet to reveal the exact release date of the Xbox One, all we currently know from the company is that the console will hit in November. If you are interested in snagging up these accessories for your upcoming new console, head over to the Microsoft Store using the links below.

Purchase the wireless controller. Purchase the headset. Purchase the Play and Charge kit.