You can now pre-order Xbox One in India but we don’t think you should just yet


You can now pre-order Xbox One in India, but we don't think you should, here's why

If you live in India, you can now secure a bundle of Xbox One by placing a pre-order via Amazon India. But is it lucrative enough? We don’t think so. 

The Xbox One will arrive in India on September 23rd. The gaming console is officially priced at Rs 39,990, while the Xbox One with Kinect motion system will cost you Rs 45,990.

Amazon India is, for now, the exclusive seller for the gaming console in the country. Furthermore, the e-retailer is also offering goodies worth Rs 10,000 with the console. These free goodies include Blu-Ray DVDs of many movies, speakers, backpacks, among other items. However, we are still not sold.

And here’s why. Microsoft as well as its rival Sony share a long history of revising the official price of their device to put it ahead of the competitors. Furthermore, as the Diwali – one of the most celebrated festivals in India — is approaching, e-retailers are likely to give away better deals to lure in more customers. In addition, the company may slash the pricing as well, as we saw in the case of Xbox 360 and PS3.

Hence we will suggest that unless it is very important for you to rock the device as soon as it launches in the nation, holding your urges for another month or two makes financial sense as well.