You can now get the Alcatel Idol 4S for just $199 from the US Microsoft Store

Laurent Giret

Alcatel Idol 4S

The Alcatel Idol 4S has been the cheapest premium Windows 10 Mobile handset available for some time now, but thanks to the US Microsoft Store it’s now more affordable than ever. As spotted by Neowin, the handset can now be yours for just $199, a 57% discount.

For this price, you get a premium looking handset with a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 21 MP rear camera. Even better, it comes with a free VR googles to use with exclusive 360-degree VR experiences.

Even at $200, a Windows 10 Mobile handset is a bit hard to recommend these days, but if you absolutely love Microsoft’s mobile OS then that’s a very interesting deal (especially since the similarly-specced HP Elite x3 is currently available for $599). Sound off in the comments if you would recommend the Alcatel Idol 4S to Windows 10 Mobile fans.