Yesterday’s Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio video at 3.6 million views less than 24 hours later

Laurent Giret

Microsoft held its much anticipated Windows 10 event in New York city yesterday and the 2-hours keynote packed a lot of exciting news. The company did not disappoint its followers despite the fact that some of the news had already leaked in the press beforehand: that was the case for the Surface Studio, the company’s brand new all-in-one PC which will be mostly targeted at designers and creative professionals.

As expected, the company also released a stunning video to introduce the new member of the Surface family and according to YouTube’s data Microsoft’s new PC currently enjoys some well-deserved momentum. Less than 24 hours after its publication on the video sharing website, the video already has 3.6 million views and is the #2 trending video right now after Lady Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke video.

Microsoft's Surface Studio video is currently the #2 trending video on YouTube.
Microsoft’s Surface Studio video is currently the #2 trending video on YouTube.

The video also received more than 63,000 thumbs up and 10,625 comments since yesterday. As a comparison, Microsoft’s video for the new Surface Book i7 is nearing 900,000 views at the time of our writing, which is also very good but obviously not as impressive.

This early momentum doesn’t necessarily mean that the Surface Studio will be a huge seller, though. With a starting price point of $2,999 and a clear focus on creative people, the all-in-one PC is clearly not meant to become a mainstream success, even if many Surface enthusiasts probably want to buy one right now. However, if you can’t resist, the Surface Studio will start shipping in December but you can already pre-order one in the Microsoft Store.

If you haven’t done it yet, we invite you to check out our hands-on video over here. As Apple is expected to reveal new Mac hardware later today, let us know in the comments if you think Microsoft’s Surface Studio will be able to keep its momentum in the coming days.