Yammer Live Events now provides real-time insights to organizers

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft has announced some new capabilities coming to its enterprise social networking service, Yammer. Indeed, the company has begun rolling out a new feature that enables event organizers and producers to get real-time insights about their live events.

“With so many people working remotely, Yammer Live Events are an awesome medium for organizations to connect with employees. Because of this, one of the recurring things we’re hearing from customers is the ability to understand the impact of these events. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Yammer Live Events Insights. This gives organizations the insights they need to measure reach and engagement and build more powerful events,” the company explained.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Organizer Insights

With this update, organizers will now be able to view detailed information, such as the total number of participants who attended the event, views, and conversations. These stats will be available directly from the Organizer Insights dashboard, which is updated before, during, and after the event. Event organizers can also expand the Reach and Engagement sections to see more details.

thumbnail image 2 captioned Reach Insights

To use this feature, head to Yammer.com, and navigate to any community to see live events insights. Select a past or upcoming event by clicking on the “Events” section, and then select View. You will find all the information about that particular event on the Organizer Insights dashboard.

It is important to note that the Insights experience is only available for all Yammer Live Events started after January 1, 2021. Microsoft noted that the addition of Live Events Insights should help organizations to “plan and deliver more powerful” Yammer live events. For now, Community Managers can not view these insights, but the company is planning to deliver this capability in future updates.