Yahoo Mail app receives update, Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition settings app released


Yahoo Mail app

The Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 and Windows RT received an update today and according to the change log on the Windows Store, the update simply features bug fixes. On the other hand, Microsoft has rolled out the official Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition settings app for those who purchased the accessory for their new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 device.

“Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is a mouse designed for Surface tablets. Use its Settings app to control the functions of its touch strip,” the app description reads. The Arc Touch Mouse settings app is for Windows 8.1 only. The app lets you control specific mouse settings such as intensity of vibration/sound, scroll and other touch settings.

Snag these apps at the download link below. You can also update your Yahoo Mail app via the Windows Store. Let us know if you notice any new features in the Yahoo Mail app and if you find any of the settings useful in the Arc Touch Mouse settings app.