Xbox’s Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal Day 10 features NBA 2K15 at a huge discount

Dave W. Shanahan

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In today’s Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal from Xbox Live, you can save on NBA 2K15 on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. On Xbox One, you can get NBA 2K15 for 25% off, while on the Xbox 360, you can get 33% off. Both games can be purchased digitally through Xbox Live. Xbox One’s NBA 2K15 bundle includes 15,000 VC that you can use in game modes MyPLAYER, MyTEAM, and MyPARK to purchase in-game content, like jerseys and new kicks for your team. 

The game mode MyPLAYER lets you play the role of an undrafted rookie in your struggle to make it to the NBA and achieve championship glory. MyPARK Mode lets you battle online against the world’s toughest players on Xbox Live. MyTEAM lets you cultivate the best team with players from any era to create your very own “Dream Team.” NBA 2K15 looks like it is going to be a great game for Xbox One or Xbox 360. The bonus content available for Xbox One looks a little more appealing to me. 

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