Xbox Series X|S could be getting some MAJOR new competition in 2024

Robert Collins

Nintendo Switch 2 Concept Custom

Speculation surrounding Nintendo’s next gaming console has been swirling for quite some time. With the massively successful Switch hybrid console now more than six years out from its launch, it is only a matter of until Nintendo at last reveals something of the Switch successor.

Of course, others are happy to do so in the meantime. Hence this latest “leak,” which seems to be really just more speculation, that the “Switch 2” will be announced later this year, with a late 2024 launch in the works. However, industry insider Jeff Grubb seems to confirm the accuracy of these rumors, though what information Grubb may or may not have is unclear.

…That does line up with what I’ve heard, pretty much all year. That there would be some sort of announcement this second half, end of summer basically.”—Gamesbeat reporter Jeff Grubb

As far as details about Nintendo’s next console, there isn’t much to go on. It hasn’t even been confirmed whether it will actually be a successor to the Switch in any technical sense. (The images found throughout this post are merely concept renders—albeit very convincing ones—from Yanko Design).

How the arrival of the next Nintendo gaming system whenever it occurs will effect Xbox is anyone’s guess at this point. Thus far the current-gen Xbox Series X|S has sold over 21 million units. However, Microsoft’s latest earnings report showed a continuation of hardware sales decline. No doubt the Xbox brand is hoping to reverse that trend with upcoming blockbuster games like Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

Via Polygon

Featured image via Yanko Design.