Xbox Series X|S could be 2022’s best-selling console in the U.K.

Robert Collins

2022 has been something of a breakout year for the Xbox Series X|S. Throughout the year we have reported on some pretty impressive sales achievements for Microsoft’s fourth iteration of its home video gaming console.

While hardware shortages and the scalping problem can be attributed to some of this, there is no denying that the Xbox Series X|S has had a very respectable 2022. And it could end on a high note according to some data shared by head Christopher Dring, who said in a Twitter post that U.K. console sales are separated by a mere 20,000 units. That’s between the Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

If this data is accurate, then it will all come to December and the Christmas buying season. The Series S in particular was a hot item during the Black Friday sales in the U.K. If the most accessible next-gen console can repeat the trend through the Christmas holiday, it might be enough to overcome the relatively scant lead held by the PlayStation 5. It will be exciting to see which console comes out on top at year’s end.