Xbox Series X was just given the Thanksgiving release date before switching back to holiday 2020

Brad Stephenson

The official product page for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X next gen console (via MSPU) started mentioning Thanksgiving 2020 as the official release date in several regions this week.

The official release window had been holiday 2020 until now which means that this new release date seemingly suggested that gamers would be able to get their hands on the next gen Xbox console a month or two earlier than previously thought.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb took to Twitter and quickly stated that the mention of Thanksgiving had been an error and that holiday 2020 is still in fact the correct release window.

The product pages have now been updated to show the holiday 2020 release window.

Xbox Series X release date
Xbox Series X release date

It’s unclear when in the holiday window the Xbox Series X will be released though it’s probably safe to assume that it will hit store shelves sometime before Christmas to take advantage of the gift-giving season.

With the cancellation of E3 this year, Microsoft has begun releasing more details on the next Xbox console recently with more information on the controller, loading times, and external storage now being made public.

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