Xbox Series S has outsold the PS5 in Japan for the first time

Robert Collins

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has reported that the Xbox Series S has outsold the PlayStation 5 in Japan for the week of May 9—15. It marks the first time the Series X|S console has accomplished this feat since the next generation round of consoles released in November of 2020.

Note that we pointed out the Series S only. According to Famitsu’s report, the Series X sold only a mere 105 units for that week, while the Series S sold 6,120 units. This compares to the PlayStation 5’s 2,240 and 453 units sold respectively for the standard and digital-only editions. (The Nintendo Switch still reigns supreme in Japan, by the way, selling 20,443 for the standard model, 9,011 for the Switch Lite, and an impressive 35,868 for the Organic EL model).

It is the first time since 2014 – when the Xbox One launched in Japan – that an Xbox console has outperformed a PlayStation one in the Japanese sales charts. And while this news may be encouraging to Xbox fans, it should be noted that it can likely be attributed to lingering PS5 stock issues. Xbox, on the other hand, has seen marked improvement in this regard over the past few months.

Whether this will prove to be a fluke or a sign of things to come, only time will tell. Though it shouldn’t detract from the fact that Xbox is having quite a year in 2022, and is on-track to become the most successful Xbox to date.