Xbox September Update will allow users to stream Xbox games to Discord

Robert Collins

The Xbox September Update is coming soon, and it will introduce a pretty exciting feature for Discord users. Specifically, you’ll soon be able to stream Xbox games directly to Discord.

Apparently users will be able to do this with a single click of a “Stream your game” button, which will then begin streaming the game you are playing to your Discord friends. You will need to first link your Discord account to take advantage of this and other Discord integrations on Xbox.

Certain Discord integration features were previously delayed, as reported a few months back. The Xbox September Update will also roll out additional improvements, as shown below.

  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) enhanced options allow users to set VRR to “Always on,” “Gaming only,” or “Off.”
  • New Rewards Tab makes it easier to find rewards.

  • New “Ask to join game” option for joining friends’ games.
  • New Wish List Notifications.
  • New Device Connecting options in the Xbox Accessories App.
  • New PC Xbox App updates improve performance and add new features including new fonts, buttons and animations.
  • New Voice Reporting feature allows users to capture 60-second video clips to record interactions that violate Xbox Community Standards.

Microsoft hasn’t announced exactly when the Xbox September Update will go live, but it will doubtless release sometime before the month is out.