Xbox readies for next week’s San Diego Comic-Con

Vu Anh Nguyen

Image Credit: Getty Images

The biggest international event for comic fans of all disciplines, the San Diego Comic-Con, is fast coming, and Microsoft is getting ready for it with goodies from Xbox.

For this year’s Comic-Con, Xbox will have its presence in two different locations in San Diego: the San Diego Convention Center will host the traditional Xbox Booth, while the New Children’s Museum will be housing Xbox @ Nerd HQ with a few special programs. Events will include both game demos and panel talks.

For the hands-on sessions, participants at both locations will get to try out Microsoft’s upcoming blockbuster third-person shooter, Gears of War 4 (available October 11), with the new Dodgeball multiplayer mode reserved for the Nerd HQ, and a new campaign section for the Xbox Booth. Exclusively for the Nerd HQ will be demo gameplay of zombiefest Dead Rising 4 (this holiday season), as well as the next chapter of the Halo Saga, strategy game Halo Wars 2 (February 2017).

For those more interested in the inner workings of the industry, the Xbox panels will be spanning three days of the convention, starting from Thursday. Topics, all related to upcoming Xbox titles, range from Sea of Thieves’ art direction, to Gears of War 4’s character and story design, to Halo Wars 2’s production stories, and even zombies in gaming (from Dead Rising 4 developers.) Comic publisher Dark Horse will also make an appearance alongside representatives from various gaming giants, Microsoft and 343 Industries included, to announce new video game tie-ins.

Overall, this year’s Xbox program looks jam-packed with goodness for fans, gamers in generals, and even industry insiders, so make sure to catch up with them on July 21-24 at the Comic-Con. Stay tuned for more Xbox and Microsoft news.