Microsoft tests multitasking boost on Xbox with option to pin a second game to Quick Resume

Arif Bacchus

Xbox Series S Next To Xbox Series X

Quick Resume is one of the signature next-gen features of the Xbox Series X and Series S, and it’s about to get better. Shared on Twitter this past weekend, Microsoft says it is now testing the ability to pin two different games to Quick Resume.

The feature is now available to Alpha Ring Xbox Insiders and cleans things up so that you’re now in more control over seeing which specific games work with Quick Resume. Previously, the Quick Resume menu was a little bit messy, as some games randomly showed up, and others did not. This change now helps you pin which game you want, as long as the game doesn’t update, or unless you remove it manually.

This is a small quality of life change, but it’s not the first. It’s one that’s been requested by the lucky gamers with the next-gen consoles, alongside the ability to customize the function of the Share button on the controller. As a reminder, both features are Alpha-ring exclusive, and this ring is invite-only. Microsoft has more details on how you can join this ring of the program.