Xbox One's NXOE makes your Xbox 360 games region-free, enabling stackable achievements

Kellogg Brengel

Last week Microsoft released the New Xbox One Experience which is a free upgrade for the Xbox One that brings a redesigned interface, new features like backwards compatibility, and makes their latest gen console a Windows 10 device.
The first 104 Xbox 360 backwards compatible games became available to play on your Xbox One a few hours after the NXOE update finished rolling out. And now that gamers have had a chance to get their hands on the update in depth over the weekend, the folks over at realized that the NXOE upgrade makes your Xbox One a region-free Xbox 360 as well. notes the significance of this region-free capability is it allows gamers to access the region specific versions of a game and gain access to “stackable” achievement lists. Previously you could only access North America, Europe/Australasia, or Asian versions of games by owning an Xbox 360 variant for each of those regions. But now you are able to access all of the Xbox 360 variants from your Xbox One. post notes that:

“Currently there are five games of the initial 104 that have “stackable” achievement lists. You can play Japanese versions of Borderlands, Gears of War 2, and Just Cause 2, the German version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and the European version of Wolfenstein 3D.”

And with access to the other regions players can access the unique achievement lists of these five games to increase their overall list of in-game achievements, boosting their gamerscore and adding to their list of accomplishments on Xbox Live.
The 104 backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles are just the first to launch on NXOE. And Microsoft has committed to working with game studios and publishers to significantly increase the number of available Xbox 360 games over the coming months. With over 1,000 game launched on Xbox 360 there is an exciting potential that most of your Xbox 360 library, including downloadable content, will eventually be available on your Xbox One for free. You can check out the list of current backwards compatible titles here to see if any of your favorites made the initial cut.